What sorts of safeguards are in place for my cloud based accounting records?

  • Pronto Bookeeping

A lot of people assume that by using a cloud accounting software solution, their data is fully backed up at all times and cannot be corrupted. WRONG! While these cloud providers retain backups of your most current data at all times, your data is not protected from any sort of corruption induced by hackers, server failures or data entry errors by your staff.

How do we protect you from these issues? Rewind! Every Pronto Books subscription service includes the Rewind.io backup service. What does this mean? It means that we maintain live backups of your data daily. If a server goes down: We have you covered. Rogue accounts receivable clerk trying to wreck your books after a tough layoff? We can remove their entries for an entire day or designated period of time so that your books are back to being correct in no time at all.

Basically, no matter what unforeseen issues may arise, Pronto has your back!