What are the drawbacks of using Pronto vs. hiring an internal accountant?

  • Pronto Bookeeping

An internal accountant/bookkeeper has a physical presence in your office. They can answer phone calls, follow up on receivables and gain inside knowledge of your business. They can bring in donuts to the office to boost morale, which to be honest; we know can be an absolute game-changer on the toughest of days for some businesses and their teams.

We do not pretend that we can do all of these same things.

What won’t we do? Handle customer relationships via receivables collection calls and emails. Physically sit in your office and greet customers/vendors all day.

What will we do? The things we excel at. Ensure that your bookkeeping is current, accurate, and reliable. Provide business advisory services (at your request) to help you take your company to that next level of growth. Help redesign your bookkeeping/accounting processes so that you and your staff spend minimal time on these tasks while also creating a system that protects your company from errors and fraud.

The services we are offering are those that we are exceptional at. We strive to seek that perfect balance between automating the low-value data entry tasks and having the oversight, knowledge and expertise of a highly experienced CPA, CA on-hand to maximize your investment in our services. Unfortunately, tasks such as answering phones and following up on receivables aren’t tasks that we can make more efficient. And since we don’t feel that we can improve these areas of your business, we want to be open and honest that those aren’t our areas of expertise.

Our goal is to earn the majority of our fees doing the things we are good at, that impact your company. Unfortunately, while this may mean we aren’t the all-encompassing solution you may be looking for to replace traditional internal office staff, we also hope that you, as business owners see this as assurance that we aren’t attempting to sell you on a promise that we are not able to deliver on. We aren’t here to convince you with a sleazy sales pitch or sell you on a service that we aren’t prepared to fully stand behind. Pronto is here to be 100% up-front and honest about what our strengths and weaknesses are. Nobody wins if we sell our services based on empty promises. We want the lines of communication to be completely open and honest right from the beginning so that all parties involved can deliver upon their expectations to help improve your business. We don’t consider our business successful unless we are contributing to your businesses success.

…And every once in a while, maybe we can still bring by some donuts for your team for that always welcome morale boost too ;)