Why do you use value pricing instead of hourly rates?

  • Pronto Bookeeping

Running a business and managing your cash flow is hard and we get that! So why would we contribute to that stress by issuing you fluctuating, periodic bills that you have no way to budget for? Value pricing is the solution to that.

Your external bookkeeper should not be rewarded with an hourly billing rate that earns them more money for being inefficient at their job.

Similarly, a bookkeeper on payroll is incentivized to inflate time spent on bookkeeping duties in order to justify a higher pay-cheque with overtime.

With our value pricing model, you are agreeing to a monthly fee that aligns our incentives: We price our services based on the value we are adding to your company, and you are enabled to spend your limited time on the things that matter to you. Whether that means more time at the lake with the family, more time on research and development improving your products and services, or more time to pick up a new hobby; you are able to shift the burden of generating reliable financial data from yourself, to professionals who are dedicated to adding value to your business beyond the other alternatives available at comparable price points.

Long story short: We provide the benefits of an on-staff CPA, but at a lower or comparable cost of a non-designated on-staff bookkeeper.