Why do you insist on all of your clients to utilize QuickBooks Online and Dext?

  • Pronto Bookeeping

As a professional accountant who has worked with a variety of different accounting software, we can wholeheartedly say that we have seen no better combination of products. While cloud accounting solutions definitely do not suit every single type of business (manufacturing companies, we are referring to you here!), there have been leaps in the capabilities of cloud applications over the past decade. Simply stated, we live in the age of information. And cloud accounting solutions leverage this data to make the bookkeeping process easier and more timely. In our experience, no cloud based accounting product has the same level of dedication and support as QuickBooks Online. They want to be the go-to accounting platform for business owners and they are heavily invested in producing a constantly evolving product that is consistently cutting-edge. This means that they maintain a product that is constantly improving for both the business owners and bookkeepers that utilize their products. We support QuickBooks Online because QuickBooks Online supports small businesses and bookkeepers.

As for Dext (formerly known as Receipt Bank), there is no solution out there that can outperform this application. Similar to QuickBooks Online, they have a phenomenal product that works well, yet they constantly seek feedback from users on how to continuously improve their product.

You can tell a lot about a company from the services it uses. By working with a top-tier suite of applications that constantly look for feedback on how to further improve their services, we hope that our clients feel the same way about Pronto. We want to be the best that we can be so that you have no doubts that we are the optimal choice for your business. We want your experience with us to be nothing but positive, so we’ve partnered with the top tools that help us provide that top-tier experience that you and your business deserve.