What are the benefits of using Pronto vs. hiring an internal accountant?

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For most business owners, it comes down to one thing: Price. What does an internal CPA, CA cost an established company? Easily $80,000 (plus benefits) as a minimum for a full-time employee.

What does a CPA, CA for-hire cost from Pronto? Significantly less! Even with the Large bookkeeping package combined with VCFO service reporting, you’re looking at roughly 25% of the cost that you’d incur by hiring a designated CPA full-time.

The deficiency that we hope to address is that many businesses don’t require a full-time CPA, CA at their current size; and most CPA, CA’s aren’t looking for 4-6 part-time jobs to make up their salary expectations. This leaves business owners who want the assistance of a designated CPA, CA, paying public accounting firm prices which can range anywhere from $150-$400 per hour depending on the services being requested.

The Pronto Books mission is to serve this niche of small businesses. We leverage the ever-improving technology available to minimize the time spent on low-level data entry tasks so that we can spend our time on high-level value-added services. This encouraged us to create a model where business owners can hire us for the higher-level professional opinions they are seeking, while also reaping the benefits of having lower-level data entry tasks being automated. Our highly experienced professional staff is here to help you and your team bring your accounting processes into the 21st century so that you can obtain the most reliable financial data for your business decisions at a minimal cost. The Pronto team measures their success by the success that we are able to achieve for our clients.